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CSCS Labourer Card including ETA Awards Online Level 1 Health & Safety in Construction

This course will take you through DGC Training’s online Health & Safety Level 1 in a Construction Environment Course and the ETA Awards invigilated online Level 1 H&S Construction Exam and then onto the CSCS Health Safety & Environment Test for Operatives completing with the provision of the CSCS Labourer Card.

The Process

  • Candidate is emailed login details and completes the Online Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment course
  • If a pass is achieved the candidate is issued with an approved certificate and they email DGC to advise.
  • DGC will then assign the Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment Accredited Exam (which must be done via a computer or laptop.
  • When ready to complete the exam, candidate signs into their E-Learning Portal and fills in the form (required by the awarding body – ETA Awards).  It is imperative all candidates read this form carefully and follow all instructions to the letter.  When the registration form has been completed, candidates are taken straight into the exam.
  • When the exam is opened, the candidate is taken to a page where their device’s equipment is checked and then they will be required to take a photograph of their face & ID. Once that has been done, they are taken to the exam questions and the timer will start. At this stage the candidate has been automatically setup in Proctor Edu admin panel as a user and the exam is now in session.
  • Throughout the exam, the candidate can see their own web cam footage in a small circle video overlay in the bottom left of the web browser screen. The Proctor Edu software can automatically detect issues e.g. “face invisible or not in view of the camera”. If detected, messages are displayed to the candidate to give them the opportunity to address them.
  • The candidate then proceeds to answer the questions in the exam. During the exam, the candidate is required to ensure they have a stable internet connection if it drops out it will result in an automatic fail. Any candidate who Fails this exam will have to pay £54 (including VAT) to resit.
  • Once the candidate has completed the exam they can then close the exam tab and recording tab.
  • Recordings will be sent for invigilation and marking.
  • If any cheating is observed the distributor will be informed and the candidate will be banned from sitting the exam.
  • If a candidate fails, we (DGC) will be in touch to discuss options.
  • If a pass is achieved the record is uploaded to ETA awards on a Friday afternoon, ETA awards will automatically email a certificate to the candidate 24 working hours later. If the candidate has not received an email with a certificate after this time frame, please contact DGC.
  • Once a pass is achieved, DGC will get in touch to discuss your Operatives Test. Prior to booking this test we will require candidates to you study the official material for at least one week.  Candidates can do this by downloading the official app (£5.99) or requesting a book to be sent out to them.  Any candidate who downloads the official app, can submit their official receipt to claim this cost back from DGC as learning materials are included in the price of their training.  Please note, we can only refund money when presented with the actual VAT receipt.
  • Operatives Test’s are taken at the candidate’s local Pearson Vue testing centre.
  • Upon successful completion of Operatives Test, DGC will apply for the candidates Green Labourer’s Card.

Minimum Candidate Specifications 

  • Webcam
  • Speakers
  • Google Chrome web browser
  • Photo ID

Exam Rules

  • No external devices can be used (this includes but not limited to, headphones)
  • No other tabs open on the computer
  • No one else in the room at the time of the exam
  • No written notes
  • No Eating, Drinking (other than water) or Smoking.
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