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“I’m really happy with the training and George was an excellent instructor, he explained
everything clearly and helped out when I needed”

Bryan Fullerton
VNA Novice, June 2024 (Instructor George)

“Fantastic session. very helpful and funny through the nervous parts. really helped me with my
anxiety. top marks”

Ryan Langford
Counterbalance Refresher, June 2024 (Instructor Scott Martin)

Martin was a very good instructor, explained things very well and was very helpful

Nico H
Reach Novice, May 2024

The quality of the training was exceptional.  Mustafa was superb and the team really enjoyed the course.  You (Mustafa) were engaging, informative and extremely helpful.  Fingers crossed you will be back with us soon.

Katie, SMS Marine Group
Stacker Novice, May 2024

“Found my instructor extremely knowledgeable and could explain and demonstrate what was required in clear ways and his methods I found assisted me in my training”

Counterbalance Experienced, 

Brian Harkin April 2024 (Instructor Mustafa Uzar)

“Learned More Than I Expected, Always Good To Get A Refresher Course And Iron Out Bad Habits, Great Day”

Stuart Gayne
Counterbalance Refresher,  February 2024 (Instructor Derek)

“Outstanding Instructor”

David Coburn
Counterbalance Refresher,  January 2024 (Instructor Scott)

“Excellent facilities and excellent instructors and staff!”

Kenneth McNaughton
Reach Refresher, 7 June 2023 (Instructor Derek)

“ I think the course is perfect as is, Mustafa is a very experienced guy and a good Laugh”
Joshua Templeton (Refresher course with Mustafa, 6 June 2023

“ Mustafa is an excellent instructor, as warehouse manager I have received great feedback from other employees trained by him”
Jordan McDermott (Refresher course with Mustafa, 6 June 2023)

Scott was friendly and explained everything thoroughly throughout our course

Greg McIntyre
Pivot Steer Novice, December 2022

Nothing to imoreve.  The course was great and I feel everything was explained fully to me.

Liam Turnbull
CB Novice course, December 2022 with instructor David

Another great course well delivered – Mustafa is top notch.

Scott Martin
Conversion to Order Picker, 18 Nov 2022

Really good course. Knowledgeable Instructor. Have definitely learnt something regarding inspection of racking (David McCabe)

Great presentation, well paced, very approachable (David Redpath)

Racking Inspection and Maintenance, 18 October 2022
Algeco UK Limited
Instructor: Mustafa

Great instructor (Mustafa) who covered everything in great depth

Mark Radigan, Counterbalance Refresher, August 2022

Excellent instructor (David), very knowledgeable and able to pass this on to students.  Very enjoyable altogether.  

Kenneth Corcoran, Counterbalance Novice course, August 2022

Trained with east.  Fantastic training centre.  (Scott McLeod)

Just keep doing it the way he did.  Very good and made it very enjoyable course.  First Class.  (David Reid)

CB Novice Course with David w/c 20 Sept 2021

Outstanding training, very clear instructions.
Scott Geddes

Good training course.  The instructor Scott was very clear with instructions, would recommend him.
David Crone

Instructor was very clear, concise and on point
Stephen Wylie

Conversion to B2 with Scott (7&8 Sept 2021)

Most engaging trainer I have had the pleasure of meeting.  Recommend to anyone.
Tam Martin

Emergency First Aid at Work course (21/02/2020) – Instructor Phil

“Muzzy is a great thorough instructor.  Very good at what he does and very helpful but keeps distance to build independence.  Very pleased with training and guidance and tips I received on the course” – Darren, Northburn Oils

PPT Novice Course 30/01/2020 – Instructor Mustafa

“From office staff to instructors (and I think I have had all the instructors on site / spoke to all office staff), we wouldn’t go anywhere else now, great service (and all the daft questions I ask you as well) keep it up.” – Dez

Dez McGowan

FANTASTIC SET UP:  I just want to say what a great instructor Muzzy is.  I am going to recommend my friends and family to you (DGC), its been the best course I have ever been on, thank you for everything, see you in three years for my refresher again.   Scott Shaw

Reach Refresher, 5 August 2019

“Mustafa was a great instructor.  He explained the theory and practical parts of the course very well.” – Alan Smith

C/B Novice course 21-23 January 2019

“Course was explained and delivered excellent thanks”.

Jordan Leathen

Novice Counterbalance Course 14-18 January 2019 – Instructor Mustafa

“Excellent training, as always!” John Williams.

C/B Refresher New Pig 22 March – Instructor Mustafa

“Mo was outstanding, a credit to your training and company.  First Class!! 😊” Garry Reilly, 

C/B Ref Course 10 April 2019

Very happy.  Good pace of learning and all objectives achieved.  John Thomas

CSCS COURSE – 4 Feb 2020 (Mustafa)

“Martin done excellent with explaining the whole course he went over topics I was struggling
until I was comfortable”

​ May 2024 – Lauren McGowan
Reach Novice Course (Instructor Martin Atkins)

“Course its a great learning experience, Scott was a great instructor definitely recommended people should attend this course”

​Robin Baxter April 2024
Counterbalance Conversion Course (Instructor Scott Martin)

“Ace Instructors, Are Very Knowledgable And Helpful. Great Place To Train”

​Kristofor Geater February 2024
Reach Conversion Course (Instructor Scott Martin)

“George Is Very Helpful And Friendly, Can Not Thank Him Enough”

​Heather Fanning – February 2024
Counterbalance Experienced Course

“Enjoyed the course Scott was a great guy really approachable, learned loads”

​Thomas Hamilton 5-9 June 2023
Counterbalance Novice course (instructor Scott Martin)

“Scott was a great instructor, was a pleasure learning from him”

Connor Mill, Counterbalance Novice Course,
5-9 June 2023 (with Scott Martin)

Training was outstanding from start to finish covering everything :), (Martin McLeary)
Trainer was great at explaining things. Great day all round.  Would recommend. (Scott McGregor)

Counterbalance Refresher Course,
December 2022 with Instructor Derek

I actually arrived at site at the same time as Mustafa so introduced myself around 0820 outside the building. (sign written van helped) We had a quick introduction and started training about 0830 working on until just after 1600.

Mustafa was very courteous and followed all of the on site requirements at all times.

Training was very good and he clearly has a very good knowledge of both forklift trucks / PPT’s but also how to deliver the training effectively.

When selecting DGC as an approved supplier I had a good feeling from the initial call to the office and reassurance that all our requirements could be met in a timely manner. This was followed up with all requests from site being actioned when requested.

I’m not sure I can suggest any improvements.

Pass on my good wishes and that I thoroughly enjoyed the days training.

M. McGhee (VNA / PPT Refresher on site)
November 2022, Instructor Mustafa Uzar

A thoroughly well documented course.  Excellent trainer (Mustafa)

Alan, Long Lane Deliveries
Racking Inspection and Maintenance, September 2022

Very professional instructor. He teaches and explains everything very well (Michal Zymelka)

Great Course. Great Instructor (James Carroll)

Counterbalance Novice Course, November 2022
Instructor: David

Very good instructor. Very professional

Gerard New (New Training)
Racking Inspection and Maintenance, August 2022

Derek was a joy as always, full of banter as well as a very extenisve overall knowledge on everything.

Alan Feechan, Reach Refresher (August 2022)

Great training course, really enjoyed it and well presented

Paul (CV Labels, Irvine)
Racking Inspection and Maintenance, August 2022
Instructor:  Mustafa

Scott is a great instructor.  Explains perfectly. Fair and generally a good guy to work with.

Paul Gittens, CB Refresher course with Scott 02/09/2021

Great Instructor, best one yet! (Connor Wilson)

Well informative, good course, attention to details (James Young)

CB Refresher Course with David, 16/09/2021

Great Instructor, very approachable and great explaining of course. Top Marks (Steven Connor)

Great day, course and instruction was clear and concise!! Highly recommend. (Scott Cassidy)

Very enjoyable and informative day.  Perfect balance between hard work and fun (Ian Fisher)

CB Refresher Course with Scott, 09/09/2021

Mustafa is always friendly, cheery and approachable when he is on our site. Our engineers have commented previously that he is very easy to get on with but very professional at the same time.

Scotia Handling, 9 Sept 2020

“Would 100% recommend.  Material sent in post was excellent and informative.  Good clean facilities and friendly staff.  Muzzy is a brilliant trainer and has a great charisma about him.  Very warm and engaging yet also extremely professional.  I would highly recommend your service.  Thumbs up – All the Best”.   Anthony.

CSCS Level 1 Course – 13 March 2020

“I have always been very satisfied with the level of service we have received from DGC and the instructors are very friendly and familiar with our site so courses are easily tailored to suit our needs. The instructors are very proficient and experienced so always able to give feedback on our processes and equipment so we can continuously improve our standards also. Training has always been difficult to arrange due to our shift patterns but Marie and Maureen are very helpful in helping us achieve full compliance with our internal training matrix in a very cost effective manner”

Gillian Thomson

“Fairly enjoyed my time on this course.  Instructor was really helpful and explained everything in great detail” Paul Redmond

CB Refresher Course – Instructor Derek

“Great course to be on, great staff, approachable, friendly, helpful, especially when it gets tough.  Would recommend this course and centre to other people”.  Craig Allan.

C/B Novice 28-22 March

Great Instructor in Phil, with a wealth of knowledge, Kevin – FH Brundle

EFAW 29/03/19

“Derek was very friendly and delivered his course in a way which I understood. He was easy to talk to and explained everything very well and I feel I have learned a lot from him, not just about forklifts. A true gentleman 😊”

Ross McLean

Counterbalance Experienced Course (17/18 January 2019), Instructor Derek


“Very happy with Derek’s teaching.  Very easy to understand.  When asking questions he was very polite and helpful in answering these.  A very good instructor”

Billy Lynch-White

Counterbalance Experienced Course (17/18 January 2019) Instructor Derek

“Very professional, very informative, instructor (Mustafa) was very good at relaxing candidate and very professional and helpful.  Excellently run course.” – Patrick Anthony Donnelly

C/B Refresher Course 31 Jan 2019

“Very experienced staff, easy to communicate with, giving encouragement, support and patience.”

Christakis Christodoulou Reach Refresher 20.12.18 – Instructor Derek

Delighted (with the overall qualify of training supplied) it was put across in a manner which was easy to understand with good use of visual aids to support the theory.


“Excellent course from start to finish covered everything in depth.  Enjoyed the way the course was structured between the practical and theory.  Instructors were great and made the whole course enjoyable.  They knew there stuff and would highly recommend”.

C/B Novice course 6-8 June – Instructor Derek

“Stuart made it easy & enjoyable to understand all aspects of the course and was very clear about everything that had to be done”

C/B Novice Course
18-20 September.

Jamie Scott

Highland Colour Coaters, Cumbernauld

Excellent course delivered by a first class instructor.  Friendly welcome upon arrival and throughout.  Will be highly recommending to others for training.

C/B Novice Course 18-20 Sept – Instructor Derek

Craig Weir

As always, a quality service was delivered and very good feedback was received from our clients.

The service is top class as are all the staff that we have spoken with.

Elaine MacKinlay

Employment Enterprise

Fantastic Tutor (Mustafa) – Everything was explained clearly – Really enjoyed – A+

Reach Conversion Course

John Bryans


“Instructor was approachable and conveyed instruction clearly.  Gave a lot of support”

C/B Novice Course, August 2018 (Instructor Grant)

Christopher Gibb

Highland Colour Coaters, Cumbernauld

“Instructor was approachable and very helpful and clear with instructions”

C/B Novice Course, August 2018 (Instructor Grant)

Liam Black, Highland Colour Coaters

“Excellent Training Course” (James Ogilvie)

CB Experienced course, August 2018 (Instructor Mustafa)

James Ogilvie

“Great two days” (Robert Chalmers)

CB Experienced course, August 2018 (Instructor Mustafa)

Robert Chalmers

The standard of training given to my staff was of the highest quality.

I feel that DGC training is one of the best companies I have used for training and that is reason I will continue to use your company – I cannot think of improvements that could be made on the training provided.

Alex Laird

Daiwa Sports Ltd

“Instructor was very clear and made the course easy to understand.  Very happy with my training.

Counterbalance Refresher Course, at DGC centre

Peter Hendry

Well presented course, Mustafa was really good with giving us the proper training and information.
(Commercial Goods Vehicle Course, 2 October)


John Boyle

“Instructor very good, learned a lot today” – P. Flannery

“Instructor very competent and explained things very well. Also very helpful if I asked a certain question I didn’t understand” – D. Balfour

Driver CPC Module – Drivers Hours, Rules & Regulations, Wednesday 23 August 2017

“John (Downie) has a great personality for training which made the course both enjoyable and built up a camaraderie among the trainees”

Mary Lavery – SIA Course (11-15 Sept 2017)

“Not a single bad thing to say about the course.  Very happy with how I was treated and how the course was delivered.  Fantastic facility.  Thanks again”.

C/B Novice Course 29-31 January  (Instructor, Derek)

Ross McSkimming

New Pig


C/B Refresher Course 15/02/18 (Instructor Mustafa)

David Traynor –“Great Days Training.  Feeling more confident when operating trucks 10/10”.

Anthony Bucknell “Would recommend DGC for any future training”.



“Instructor very knowledgeable and would highly recommend company” (John Lennon – CSCS Course 5th June 2019 )

“An excellent course. Very good delivery and all videos complemented mock tests. Also will give confidence to sit touch screen test” (Hugo Gallagher, Logis-Tech, 09.11.18)

“Great Instructor, very helpful and explained everything really well” (David Anderson, 16.10.17)

“This is a great course and presented well by Muzzy.  He made it interesting and hopefully lead to full time employment.”  (John F. Boyle, 28.09.17)

I found the course very informative, well thought out and structured. I also learnt a lot of extra things not covered by previous inductions.  (Brian Brogan 03.11.17)

A very good course which was very well presented. Muzzy created a very relaxed atmosphere (Stuart McMillan 10.11.17).

“Our clients, as always, are very complimentary about your premises, staff and training.  They say they feel very comfortable and welcome, are assisted through all stages of the training.

They appreciate the time the Instructors take to explain and resolve and reassure any fears they may have.

You also try to accommodate my very hap hazard schedule and fit the guys into courses to suit, sometimes at very short notice.

Please pass on my appreciation and thanks to your staff.”

Marion Paterson

Routes to Work

Great personal training service and Derek proves his technical competence throughout the course and keeps you involved and interested at all times.

I have been using Derek for the past 12 years and will continue to use him for many more to come.


Gregg Falconer

Impact Solutions

Excellent Instructor, Good Guy, Recommendable, First Class Instruction

Counterbalance Novice Course


Denis Taylor

Country Baskets

Course was very well explained.  Good fun and very knowledgeable interesting course for a refresher course.  The trainer was very patient and clearly explained what was required

Counterbalance Refresher course – DGC Training Centre (13 October 2017)


Ian Freer


Training given by Derek was first class, everything was explained in an understandable way.

Counterbalance Novice Course


Jill Cooper

Country Baskets

“No improvements needed.  All staff were really friendly and was really easy to understand all information passed onto me.  Made my training easier to follow.  Would recommend to everyone”.

CB Novice Course, at DGC Centre

Derrick Allan

I learned so much – different from other 1 day courses that I have been on.  Excellent trainer (Derek) and everything was well explained”

CB Refresher Course, at DGC Centre

James Gregg

Browns Brothers

Full of knowledge and helped very much with understanding and dangers of forklift.  Top class service and instructor (Derek) was very professional and approachable

CB Refresher Course, at DGC Centre

William Dykes

Browns Brothers

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