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Reverse in a safe and efficient manner – Banksman Training

This course will ensure that your Banksman are trained to help vehicles reverse in a safe and efficient manner, saving the cost and inconvenience of accidents. The training also means you comply with legal requirements.

DGC In-House Awareness Course

  • Roles & Responsibilities of the Driver and the Banksman.
  • Key Issues of Reversing/Manoeuvring.
  • Identifying Hazardous/dangerous areas.
  • Demonstration of HSE Code of Hand Signals and Reversing Procedure.
  • Current Legislation – HASAWA 1974/PUWER 1998/Safety Signs & Signals Regulations 1996).

This is a 4-5 hour course that will consist of practical and theoretical content. Maximum of 6 candidates. Candidates will be supplied with an illustrated handout for use during and after the course. On completion of the course candidates will be supplied with a digital certificate of attendance.  It is recommend they refresh every 3 years.

Click here for the HSE Site Inspection – Workplace Transport Checklist

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Commercial Goods Vehicle Bankman – RTITB Course

Mandatory requirements

  • A suitable commercial goods vehicle is required for candidate practise Banksman duties and testing.  For the purposes of clarity the RTITB advises that a suitable vehicle is a light goods vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes or a category C1, C or C+E vehicle.  The selected vehicle should be in a good, satisfactory condition.
  • A suitably qualified driver will be required to perform the role of the visiting driver and manoeuvre the test vehicle in a safe and professional manner.
  • A suitable area to perform reversing and manoeuvring exercises.


The assessment is in 2 stages to verify the candidates’ ability to meet a minimum, recognised safety standard in the role of commercial goods vehicle banksman.  Candidates must demonstrate their ability to carry out the duties of a banksman in a safe, clear and definite manner, including:

  • Meeting and greeting the driver of the vehicle in a suitable and appropriate manner.
  • Familiarising the driver with the site, including hazards, manoeuvring aids, and the designated parking area and the manoeuvring route.
  • Familiarising the driver with site rules and gaining confirmation
  • Agreeing signalling/communicating method and safe working practices
  • Guiding and signalling techniques
  • Following correct end of manoeuvre procedures to ensure vehicle and personnel safety.

Additionally, the candidates must demonstrate through the competition of a written theory test that they have an understanding of issues relating to their roles as a commercial goods vehicle banksman.

Specific Job and Familiarisation Training.

 Upon successful completion of basic training, candidates will be awarded a Certificate of Basic Skills.  This is recognition of the individual having successfully attended this Basic training course. 

Candidates will require ongoing specific job and familiarisation training as they will only have been trained within the training environment and with the equipment available in this training environment.  Commercial goods vehicles come in a range of configurations and sizes, and all present their own specific challenges – as indeed do different working environments – therefore once the candidates attains the basic qualification, it is essential they take what they have learned and supplement it with the specifics of their workplace and workplace equipment.   This ongoing training should be documented and kept on record.

MINIMUM TIMESCALES (Maximum of 5 candidates)

  • 1 candidate  = 3.25 hours
  • 2 candidates = 3.75 hour
  • 3 candidates = 4.25 hours
  • 4 candidates = 4.75 hours
  • 5 candidates = 5.5 hours

Please note times quoted are the minimum training hours and do not include any breaks.  All successful candidates will be registered on the RTITB database and will receive either a certificate OR certificate and photo ID eCard, depending on the option chosen.  It is recommended they refresh every 3 years.

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