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The most common question asked in relation to food hygiene training is:

Is it really worth bothering with food hygiene training?

The short answer, according to the law is YES.

Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 states it is a requirement that all food handlers must receive appropriate training to enable them to undertake their duties safely. This applies to all staff, no matter how many hours per week they work

There are other obvious reasons for receiving good quality training, i.e. avoiding bad publicity and the knock on consequences for a business, of even one case of food poisoning, which could include:

Enforcement action, e.g. fines or even imprisonment, depending on the nature of the offence.

It is of particular importance to have adequate food safety knowledge when dealing with vulnerable groups, e.g. the very young or elderly or people with certain health issue.

The Good news: DGC Training Services Ltd, will:

Train to Elementary level, as approved by REHIS, and recognised nationally by Environmental Health Staff, using REHIS approved training staff

Training can be carried out, on or off site, at a time, which is convenient to employers and employees

The exam, comprising of multiple choice questions, comes after a course which would be approximately 6hrs.

Other benefits include:


  • Increased customer confidence, with visual evidence of pass status-certificates are provided and approved by REHIS
  • Satisfies compliance with training requirement
  • Peace of mind for food business operators
  • Improved staff knowledge of potential hazards, which will also help to reduce wastage.

One of the important reasons for accredited food hygiene training is the visual evidence afterwards, i.e. a pass certificate. In my experience this is more likely to help your business stand out from your competitors, who have little or no certified training.

The Elementary Food Hygiene Course covers all areas of food hygiene and is suitable for food handlers in a wide range of industries, from small cafes to large processing units.


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