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This safety awareness training course is for employers, the self-employed and anyone who works at height.  It will help you to comply with the Work at Height Regulations 2005, as amended by the Work at Height (Amendment) Regulations 2007.  The Regulations apply to all work at height where there is a risk of a fall liable to cause personal injury.

Course Content Includes

  • Legislation – Working at Height Regulations 2005 and PUWER 1998.
  • Pre use inspection of equipment and surrounding area.
  • Appropriate use of equipment/ladder safety/tower scaffolds.
  • Support and fixing methods.
  • Engineered and improvised anchor points.
  • Suspension trauma.
  • The need for rescue.
  • Distribution of course handout.

This is 4-hours course with a maximum of 12 candidates. On successful completion candidates will be provided with a certificate of attendance and training record.

Please note that this is an awareness course only, if your duties include working at height you will also need further practical training.

We also have an online option for this course.  

This one-on-one tutor led interactive online training goes at precisely the pace required by each individual. It provides an opportunity to go over the learning content as often as required so every employee gets the optimum learning experience that will be retained and applied to keep your business safe and compliant. At a fraction of the cost, this health & safety online training has the added bonus of a minimal loss of productivity because it’s really efficient and flexible.

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